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Jason Truter founder of software couch wearing a white shirt with a big smiling
Jason Truter
CEO and Founder

I spent my days working for a company in Dubai, UAE, where I found myself helping engineers with various problems they encountered in their work. I enjoyed the satisfaction of providing knowledge that allowed them to understand and solve issues on their own. This passion led me to start Software Couch, a software company that provides top-notch enterprise software solutions.

As Software Couch grew, we received many job applications from university students seeking assistance with assignments and programming concepts. I have always been passionate about software and enjoyed teaching, so I began offering free tutoring sessions to these students. My efforts paid off when many of them landed jobs in the industry. As I became more experienced in teaching software development, I started offering paid sessions and realized that this was my true calling. I truly enjoyed every video call and was fulfilled by helping others succeed in the field.

I am fully committed to building a company that has a positive, supportive culture and produces high-quality software that brings joy to our users. I am grateful for the support that Software Couch has received and will continue to work hard to exceed expectations. In the future, we hope to continue growing and evolving as a company, always striving to improve and deliver the best products and services to our customers. Thank you for following our journey. Stay tuned for updates and exciting developments from Software Couch!

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